Thursday, 29 October 2015


The light called me to the beach this morning.

I went, knowing there were few days left till winter.

Knowing the best of the fall colours were past.

Perfection wasn't what I wanted.

What was I looking for?

The wind. The light. The gulls and the spray.

A small group gathered to say goodbye to one they loved. They huddled close against the wind, below the bluff. A gull above. Gliding.

We gather against the wind, all of us here, we cling to one another.

The mourners burned incense. They scattered flowers and fruit at the border of two worlds. Waves accepted the offerings, carried what was given to a place we cannot follow.

The gulls and the light and the fading colour.

Gusts animate the sand. Alive, shifting. Blowing away from me.

And the gulls. I've been blind to their beauty. Look, look.

What could be commonplace here? They turn to face the wind. Dig in.

Have you seen sunlight illuminate their bones?

Geese push into formation.

The gull flies.


  1. Really very evocative. The beautiful images almost overpower the strong, stern, important words. A lovely read.

  2. Thank YOU. It is good to give back to one whose words and images have given so much to me.

  3. I'm reminded of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I guess that's not a big stretch but I think your images are what I am connecting to that story. The images are totally entrancing. I want to dive into this. Your words are paired so well with the images. This was a lovely read and a treat for the eyes. Thank you Kathleen.

    1. The images and words arise together. Thanks for your kind words!

  4. Couldn't this be a book?

    I think it could
    and maybe it should

  5. It would be short! Hee-hee. Thanks! I like the way you think.

  6. Poetry books are often thin . . .illustrated poetry is popular ( ithink) because it is more accessible to folks.
    I hereby double-dog-dare you to review your photo-meditations, edit them together, throw in a title and submit to an agent or publisher or whatever the next step is.