Monday, 4 June 2012

The Sweet Life

I've been so bad, so very, very bad. There is a backlog of postings filed in my brain. Pics of the new robin, who—when I have time to notice—seems to have claimed my home as his home. Pray the neighbourhood cats I've befriended don't betray me.

But this "magazine article" is what I've wanted to finish and post since a certain glorious evening weeks ago at Carrie & Tim's. I do so appreciate that family.

Now, a few apologies: my handling of indesign is atrocious but getting better, the font use would make my art designer friends seasick, and I simply don't have time to fuss with the copy anymore right now though I see things that make me cringe. The pics were snapped on either mine or Barry's iPhone (or is it eyePhone?), so they are quite grainy, but also at times beautiful. The worst thing was that blogger wouldn't let me upload a pdf so each spread had to be made into a jpeg of a suitable size and then uploaded. Drag. That's why the font is so tiny, but you get the idea????

But it is all unimportant - the weather was perfect, food delicious, the company was spectacular (though one of us was missing and he was missed).

I want to post this because it is a sweet slice of our life and it makes me feel lucky indeed!



  1. You make my heart swell that we can cause such lovely thoughts and feelings in you. I too, loved that day. You can never expect the loveliness, just recognize that the gelling of the necessary elements worked this time and revel in it. Another time it might not be the same. And I echo the missing of the one that usually is part of the integral pack. Glad though that he made the decision for his sake, recognizing his need for solitude.
    You are so multi-platform creative these days Kathleen. We are so much the better for your efforts to express yourself. Again... again... we whisper gently.

  2. Hello GG, I love the multi-platform creative comment - it sounds like I'm so productive! It's funny expressing your life in a magazine spread. Comes naturally after all these years as an editor. I loved seeing the day this way. I just feel happy inside knowing the kids are having so much fun, parallel to us old folks, with these little traditions we've created. Sometimes it is strange to look at pictures of them running amok and realize you are not 10 years old anymore, they are! How'd that happen? They will remember these days in the years to come. What a lovely gift we are giving them. Sometimes we really get it right. Thanks GG.

  3. Well, you overwhelm me with your generous description. But we feel our place is indelibly stamped with those who has made it so rich for us when we gather. When you live in any place, its familiarity and closeness can so easily be taken for granted. However, it is when friends gather that you see your own environment with new eyes through theirs and an appreciation of what drew you there in the first place comes flooding back. So it is these gatherings that help redefine our sense of place - tied inextricably to those like you three who know it so well and guide us through our rediscovery of this country whenever you visit. It is yours as much as it is ours, as much as it is anyone's. Love.

    1. Awwww...shucks. Like I said, you just put into writing the place was ours, so my attorney will be in contact with you shortly...or I'll just show up with a funky little caravan and park in the lilac dell.