Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Vacation Brain

After running for the plane in Toronto and being practically the last passengers on board, then waiting many extra hours at the Miami airport and then on the runway, somehow we were finally sinking our toes into the softest sand I've felt since a trip to Eleuthra many years ago.
A boy feels sand on a tropical beach for the first time. 

Upon arrival, we headed straight for the beach when we finally reached our destination at Provinciales, Turks & Caicos. 

Since arriving, this place quickly turned my brain into mush. It takes all of my energy to walk from a lounge chair on the beach to the water for a swim, then shuffle back up and plop back down on my chair. Whew. Exhausting! 

Gentle swirls of air are like silk on the skin, the ocean is warm, just a few degrees cooler than body temperature, these things conspire to unplug a northerner from her busy brain. 

So be it. Pictures will tell this story until words return.


  1. Uh... I dunno. These look *a lot* like they were taken in your backyard...

    1. Stage set. Like the astronauts on the moon.