Saturday, 23 March 2013

Here and Now

I have been thinking so much about the here and now. These days, we are reminded so often to be present, mindful, in the now.

I meditate, not as often as I should, but I do. And the method I learned is a mindfulness one, a Buddhist meditation, so it is very much about the now.

Often, though, in my daily life, I find myself wishing I lived somewhere else than in this city of mine, or any city. I know I am most at home where the land and sky meet at the horizon, uninterrupted by strip malls and skyscrapers.

Then this happens.

Poetry, here and now. The mundane and majestic side-by-side.

And isn't this just like life on this planet? Oh yes, we compromise. This parking lot is my compromise, I can tell you. But here, in this moment, the neon signs are eclipsed by far brighter light, one that shows me the way, time and again, calling me with such patience and persistence to that which is beyond the endless asphalt.

I see now my pursuit of this deep love is my ultimate quest, and I need to be more fearless in the chase.

But for right now, until I find the road I'm looking for, I've got a great parking spot.


  1. HI Kathleen. I do have to say that is the most beautiful shot of a parking lot I've ever seen. Its really a striking shot. But yes, the cars do muddle up the horizon, even if you squint a bit.
    I remember travelling in Scotland and seeing folks living there, carrying on with the same look on their face that we all have when we are going to work, or carrying groceries, the mundane things. I somehow thought they should look deliciously content all the time because there was such evident beauty around them, that they lived in. Did they grow accustomed to the beauty? Was it always there for them and they took it for granted or was it that they were calmer inside, more content and healthier for being in that lovely part of the world? Not sure how I would be after five years living in some breathtakingly beautiful place. I hope I would still step outside and have my breathe taken away.

  2. That is true. It's so easy to miss the beauty in front of us. And we grow accustomed to everyday sights -- good and bad. This really goes back to being in the moment and experiencing what is happening, where we are, what we feel. It is a great and lifelong practice.