Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Another Day

I'm calling this one "After the Hockey Game." Perhaps I'll start a series called My Life: Parked.

Although when I saw this scene last night I felt very happy to be alive, I am thinking now about the family at my son's school who lost their son on Good Friday in a tragic car accident. He was in grade 11. A child embarking on manhood, never to arrive there.

I can only imagine what great pain it must be to look at a sky like this through his mother's eyes. To know your son isn't here to see it. To know you cannot share it with him or enjoy it without him.

So this is for her. I don't know her, she won't ever see this, but I send this to her as a prayer. I think what I can hope for her is this:
May one day your sorrow be lessened so that beauty is no longer too painful to behold.

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