Friday, 8 February 2013

Snow Day

Finally! Snow as it should be. Our school is closed but the local schools are open. Poor kids. Why can't they let them play in the snow all day? This is what Canadian kids LIVE for! These are the days they'll remember. What could they possibly learn in school that's more valuable than what they'd learn lying in a snow bank and catching flakes on their tongues?

At this household we are celebrating.

The snow started yesterday, making travel from school to the hockey tournament painfully slow. We made it safely home, but by 9 pm the snow had stopped. The child went to bed, worried. Our nighttime prayer: Please please please let it snow. Let tomorrow be a snow day! 

At dawn it started again! The email arrived: no school! A miracle. 

The sky celebrated by glowing mauve and the fallen snow followed suit. 

Then the clouds closed in and the snow began to fall in earnest. We went out right away, of course.

The day turned to black and white with all its edges blurred. The trees at the park overlooking the lake reached out their arms to their old friend winter. 

As did we. And after a two hours of shoveling, we came in. Happy. We'll be back out for round two after lunch.


  1. Yay!!! :) Snow is what winter is all about! Snow days are a part of my religion...

  2. Twas a blissful day for us as well. Not commuting. Able to work from home. Kids free to roam. Yes. We need more of those.