Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The magic leaf returns

As I searched for images for my next post, which will be up in the next few days, I came across these pics of the little leaf that would not fall.

I remember so well that solitary walk in the woods, yet it was at the end of September. Then October happened and all hell broke loose. Autumn and winter ended up being a challenging time.

I had thought that the fall would be my time again, with the child back at school, I thought I would write, blog, paint and so much more. Then IT happened. Upheaval. Stress. Mess.

These things happen in families. And while I fretted about things that were happening and were really quite unpleasant, and worried about things that could happen and would be much worse, little miracles like this floating leaf continued to unfold every day in the woods unseen.

Things are changing now though. Within a month, we'll know if the light we see at the proverbial end of the tunnel can be trusted.

I believe it can be. Something in the air has changed. A new season is on its way.

...and, hey, I got through the post without punning "I am turning a new leaf!" Well, I almost got through...some things never change, nor should they.


  1. Love these images of the leaf. Suspended by a spider spun thread? Something about being able to take its picture from different angles makes it look like its turning on its thread. Just lovely.

  2. Yes my dear. It is on a spider thread. Everyone figures this out! Meanwhile, I'm trying to bring a little magic to you! Check out the short video in the previous post if you have time. I could have stood around watching that leaf all day.